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Jasmine Fleur Botanitical Toppings

Beautiful.   Edible.  Botanical toppings for enhancings drinks and food.

Garnish your favorite drink to give it an aromatic and breathtaking presentation.  Enjoy decorating or infusing your: tea, coffee, champagne, sparkling soda, lemonades, ice cubes, cookies and more. 

Application and USE:

BREW:   Brew to make botanical tea.   Add 1 tablespoon botanical to the bottom of your cup   Add 8 oz water and steep for 5 minutes.

RIM:   Rim your glass.  Flip your glass and wet 1/2 inch with water or simple syrup or lemon/lime juice, then dip in botanicals.

GARNISH:  Garnish your favorite drink, salad, or dessert to give it an aromatic and beautiful presentation.



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