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Pre-Wrapped Gift Baskets

Marinating and Kebabing

Be ready to impress all your friends with this Emile Henry Gilling Stone made especially for kebabs.   Made of high resistance ceramic, this Emile Henry Grilling Stone is a versatile tool for any type of grilling. It protects meat and vegetables from direct flame, and has slots for kebabs to cook gently and evenly. It's chip, crack, and scratch resistant.

We've included two great marinating combinations in 200ml bottles for your kebabs....

   For the perfect shrimp:   INFUSED Garlic Olive Oil and Jalapeno White Balsamic Vinegar

   For chicken or Beef:   INFUSED Herbs de Provence Olive Oil and Lavendar Dark Balsamic Vinegar

Also includes 8 skewers.


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