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KOSHER Olive Oils

KOSHER Blood Orange Fused Olive Oil

We now offer our Olive Oils in a Kosher certified bottle.   Bottled under supervision of the Dallas Kosher Organization, OUR BEST SELLING OLIVE OILS are available in 250ml bottles.

Simultaneously pressing Blood Oranges and Tunisian Olives combines the sweet freshness of citrus with the rustic heartiness olives in this oil.

Recipes: Flourless Chocolate Blood Orange CakeSweet Extra Virgin Olive Oil CrepesCranberry Orange Granola

The high citrus scent of crushed oranges mingles with the bitter brightness of olives in the press as Agrumato is under way: a process of imbuing olive oil with the flavors of dark citrus. The craft is as old as the mirror-blue lake you can just barely glimpse out the window and far older than the worn flagstones of the floor beneath your feet. Blood orange juice squirts redly, tinting your hands. This olive oil fuses with the fruit’s blood and brings its versatility to your plate; use it on fish and seafood, chicken, fruit, salads and much more.


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