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KOSHER Olive Oils

KOSHER Madagascar Black Peppercorn Olive Oil

We now offer our Olive Oils in a Kosher certified bottle.   Bottled under supervision of the Dallas Kosher Organization, OUR BEST SELLING OLIVE OILS are available in 250ml bottles.

Fresh ground pepper from Madagascar brings a spicy, floral zing to your favorite dishes.

Recipes: Turkey Mole

Jungle heat seeps into your pores as you peer through dense greenery. Giant Balboa trees tower hundreds of feet tall above you, like obelisks erected to worship the intense Madagascar sun. A movement causes you to turn your head, and two curious yellow eyes stare back at you before the lemur leaps away; you consider pursuing his light-footed trail, but the scent of spicy romazava made with zebu meat from a nearby home pulls you away. Peppercorns from Madagascar bring the rarity and wildness of this extraordinary island to this distinctive and versatile olive oil.

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