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Dark Balsamic Vinegars

Black Currant Dark Balsamic Vinegar

Floral, juicy black currants infuse our Black Currant Dark Balsamic Vinegar with their complexly sweet-tart flavor in this all-natural traditional aged balsamic condimento certified to come from Modena, Italy. 

Chef Recommended Pairing: Basil Infused Olive Oil, Lemon Fused Olive Oil, Mandarin Orange Fused Olive Oil

The white cliffs drop suddenly into perfectly clear turquoise water, and you stand at the top: directly beneath you is a straight drop down hundreds of feet, into a deep blue water teeming with sea creatures. The inhabitants of this island have been on the shores of this ocean for millenia, growing crops and catching fish to form a fresh, Mediterranian diet renowned around the world. Zakynthos, a tiny island off the Ionian coast of Greece, is the homeland of the currant, first recorded by a Roman philosopher in 75 AD. Currants are a grape-like berry, most often dried into a raisin, with a bright acid kick that balances out their sweetness and a crisp sourness to contrast. Black currants are the darkest and juiciest of the currant family, and this Dark Balsamic Vinegar infuses them with Modena grapes to form a dark balsamic vinegar redolent with their flavor. Serve with pungent salty cheeses, use in salads, over yogurt or to dress fresh fruit salad.

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