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Wine Chips - Serrano Cheddar

Discover the new rage.  Potato chips that are seasoned and flavored to pair perfectly with your favorite wine. 

These gourmet lattice-cut potato chips are bold, cheesy and satisfying - and a bit elegant.   Made in small batches waffle, these snacks are crunchy, with the perfect amount of salty savoriness.

We in the Southwestern United States have come to love the Serrano Pepper.  Hailing originally from the Puebla and Hidalgo regions of Mexico, the name of the pepper is actually a reference to the beautiful Sierra Madre mountain range of Northeastern Mexico.

Notably hotter than Jalapeno peppers, Serrano peppers have long been used as an ingredient to add spiciness and a distinctively delicious flavor to the cuisines of Mexico and the American Southwest. Paired with the sharp cheddar cheese that we source from Racine, Wisconsin, Serrano peppers create a spiciness and a subtle smokiness that make for an unforgettably powerful and cheesy taste experience.

The Wine Chips Private Reserve family has just taken a sharp, exciting turn! If you’re a cheese lover and you like your gourmet snacks to have a little pop, this flavor was made for you!

Enjoy it with your favorite Cabernet Sauvignon or if you are in a white mood, a fruity Riesling.

They’re a masterpiece that will get you lots of accolades at your next Girls' Night In! 

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