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KOSHER Basil Infused Olive Oil

We now offer our Olive Oils in a Kosher certified bottle. Bottled under supervision of the Dallas Kosher Organization, our best selling olive oils are available in 250ml bottles.

Fresh-picked basil infuses our Certified Ultra Premium extra virgin olive oil with the 100% natural flavor of a blooming Mediterranean garden.

Recipes: Ricotta Basil Olive Oil Spread, Caprese Salad

You step through an arched doorway in the white stucco wall onto a flagstone path. The sun beats down and you wipe a drop of sweat from your brow before stepping off the gravel path into the lemon tree’s shade to pick your meal for the night: a handful of fresh tomatoes off the vine and basil for a Caprese salad. The basil snaps lightly in your fingers and its crisp scent fills the air. The basil infused in this olive oil brings the freshness of a Mediterranean garden to your recipes; it can be used to saute vegetables, bring a burst of flavor to a vinaigrette, or drizzle over a salad (especially Caprese!).

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