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Kosher Certified Hickory Smoked Salt

Durango® Hickory Smoked Sea Salt by Artisan® is an all-natural, hickory-smoked flake sea salt. Crafted by SaltWorks® using Pacific flake sea salt and real, untreated hickory wood, this sea salt is the delicious result of an exclusive cold smoking process, which imbues the sea salt with the distinctive aroma & taste of hickory.   The small flakes work wonderfully when mixed into rubs for grilling pork, steak or lamb, and beyond the BBQ, this savory smoked salt is a perfect complement to marinara sauces or Southern-style dishes.

Pour Spout Pouch: Conveniently sized in a pantry friendly pouch featuring a handy pour-spout for ease of use. 

Kosher Certification Certificate Available

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