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Applewood Smoked Sea Salt

One of the most popular woods for smoking due to its light flavor notes & aroma, aged apple wood has a subtly sweet, fragrant smoke that shines in our Applewood Smoked Sea Salt .  Using an exclusive, all-natural smoking technology, we have taken our pure, natural flake sea salt and cold smoked it to create smoky, savory Yakima. A huge hit in the culinary world, smoked salts are an essential component of today’s well-stocked salt shelves. This Applewood Smoked sea salt offers a comparatively mild smoke flavor, making it an easy choice to pair with everything from vegetables to baby back ribs. 

Approximate Net Weight & Pricing

Tube            .7 ounces   $5.95

Small Jar   1.6 ounces    $9.95

Large Jar  2.5 ounces   $16.95 


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