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Dark Chocolate Balsamic Vinegar

Sweet but bitter, this Dark Chocolate Balsamic Vinegar adds a thick, rich, and seductive layer of flavor to marinades, glazes, and sauces. Top your vanilla gelato or mix with fresh berries for an amazing sweet treat.

Recipes: Smokey Chocolate Apricot Chicken, Mini Strawberry Mascarpone Tarts, Turkey Mole

Chocolate has always been incredibly valuable. The Aztecs believed that cacao seeds were the gift from their god of wisdom, Quetzalcoatl (Co-WETZ-ahl-co-AH-tul), and the seeds themselves were once so valuable they were used as a form of currency. Chocolate is delectable in any setting, but in its original, concentrated form in the heart of Mexico adds its own beautiful heat; combined with peppers in a densely concentrated drink served to emperors for centuries.

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