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Heat it UP!

Ignite a passion for spice and flavor with our curated Spicy "Heat it UP!" Gift Basket. Tailored for the true heat aficionado, this collection brings together an array of tantalizing hot sauces, savory rubs, and premium oils, promising an exhilarating culinary adventure like no other.   Gift includes:

🌶️ Hot Sauce Heaven:  Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce from Freaky Ferments.    Dive into a world of fiery goodness with our Texas brand of artisanal hot sauce. 

🍖 Savory Rubs and Seasonings: Elevate your grilling game with these sweet and hot  rubs and seasonings

🍶 Spicy Infused Oils: Drizzle a dash of elegance and flavor with our premium infused oils. Try a touch of green chili with our Jalapeno Infused Oil or just pile on the heat with dash of Cayenne Chili Oil.   

🌶️  Chimichuri Sauce:  Try serving your steak with the hot  spice of Argentina.  This Chimichuri sauce is perfect as a topping or condiment with a kick.

🌶️ Gift of Spiciness: Try dipping crackers or vegetables in our Ghost Pepper Dip - add 3 Tablespoons to sour cream or cream cheese and light up the party.

Gift is presented in an aluminum tray.