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Opopop Snack Size Refill Cups - Maui Heat

Requires a popper- these are unpopped popcorn kernels Meet our Maui Heat Peel + Pour Pop Cups. They're supremely snackable and amazingly delicious. Whether you have the mid-day munchies or need a late-night snack, this will fulfill your craving. Hot like lava. Sweet like pineapple. Sweet, savory, and totally spicy. The island vibes come from sweet pineapple, and we bring the heat with cayenne and smoked paprika. A true professional wouldn’t be afraid to put it on pizza. When the popportunity arises, simply peel, pour + pop. Also makes an excellent Easter or Mother's Day gift. 1 case = 8 packs (sleeves) 8 Sleeves x 3 cups per sleeve = 24 Peel + Pour Pop Cups Each Pop Cup fills half the popper (5 cups of popped popcorn) All flavors are Gluten-Free + Non-GMO No artificial colors Pop Cups are recyclable Requires a microwave popping bowl (sold separately)

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