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Pear Vinegar

The popular fruit vinegar from all things good in pears

In fall when the pears hang fat and red-cheeked on the trees, the time begins for Pödör to think about pear vinegar. Pödör uses only selected, ripe fruit for it so as to achieve an unmistakable pear taste. The aroma of this pear vinegar is completely natural and consistently without any additives so that the natural flavor is not adulterated. The vinegar matures for many months in wooden casks which guarantees an exclusive taste experience. Do not concern yourself with any residue at the bottom of the bottle. It is completely natural and actually a sign of pure quality.

Pear vinegar contains, just like all fruit vinegars, many substances which were present in the original fruit. Vitamins A, B and C remain in the end product even after the fermentation process and they support the immune system from within. The acetic acid in pear vinegar helps break down carbohydrates and fats during the process of digestion. The anti-bacterial effect of pear vinegar comes into effect in many parts of the body such as the stomach and the gut as well as in the mouth where it reduces unpleasant bad breath.


Blackberry vinegar


100 g contain on average:

Energia51kJ /12kcal










The vinegar should be stored in a place protected from light, sealed hermetically. Under these conditions it has a virtually indefinite shelf life.

The sediment at the bottom of the bottle is natural, not a sign of poor quality.

An unfiltered, undiluted fruit vinegar, so shake it before use!

Country of origin: Austria

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