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Strawberry Dark Balsamic Vinegar

Jammy and tart and oh-so-strawberry, our Strawberry Dark Balsamic combines pure strawberry essence to our traditional 12-year vinegar. 

Chef-Recommended Pairings: Lemon Fused Olive Oil, Basil Infused Olive Oil, Blood Orange Fused Olive Oil

The old, worn, beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains roll before you, as you crest a peak and look out over the vista. Dense green vegetation cloaks the rising and falling land, and the calls of birds and wildlife around you cascade in a natural soundscape. Looking just off the path you’ve followed, a flash of bright red catches your eye and you move closer to the low bush to inspect: it’s a wild strawberry, almost perfectly round and red. You pull the berry off the bush and pop it into your mouth, and its juicy, sweet flavor is unmistakable. Our Strawberry Dark Balsamic Vinegar combines the essence of natural strawberries with our 12-year traditional Modena-style Balsamic Vinegar, making it perfect for glazes, marinades, dressings, and so much more.


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