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Opopop Family Size Refill Packs

REQUIRES A POPPER *TEMPERATURE SENSITIVE -  Already have a microwave popcorn popper? Or just love every Flavor Wrapped™ Popcorn Kernels flavor? Then the Variety Show is made just for you. It includes a sachet of each of our 6 Original Flavors of Flavor Wrapped Popcorn Kernels. Also makes an excellent Easter or Mother's Day gift. Each sachet fills the popper Requires a microwave popping bowl 1 case = 12 boxes of 6 sachets each 6 sachets = 54 cups of popcorn All flavors are Gluten Free + Non-GMO Vegan (except Fancy Butter + Super Butter) Flavors: Salty Caramel Cinnalicious Maui Heat Pickle Monster Fancy Butter Super Butter