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White Truffle Gourmet Oil

Indulge in the exquisite essence of white truffle oil, a luxurious culinary treasure. Our premium white truffle oil captivates the senses with its earthy, aromatic bouquet and delicate yet distinct flavor. Made in traditional artisan fashion in Italy, without the use of any extracts, it is perfectly crafted for drizzling over pasta, risotto, salads, and roasted vegetables. This is a must-have for discerning food connoisseurs and aspiring gourmet chefsT


The forest is cloaked in a thin layer of snow, which crunches lightly under your boots. It's a short winter in Italy, but each chilly month bears the season's thrilling underground fruit: white truffles. Hidden in the rich soil amidst of the roots of the Langhe valley's dense hazelnut and chestnut trees, you unearth the earth's precious bounty and gently wipe your hands clean. Your basket laden, you look out over the rolling hills, patchworked with fields, dusted with snow. On the crest of the nearby hill you can see a small house; from its chimney furls dark smoke, indicating a fire burning bright as a cook prepares tonight’s meal, just waiting for the finishing touch of the truffles you carry. This olive oil carries Alba's treasures to any food; making a gourmet meal of any meat, vegetable, sauce, or salad.

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