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Wine Cap Mushroom Growing Kit I

Dive into the world of gourmet mushrooms with our fun and educational kit and grow your own Wine Cap mushrooms. Often called 'the gardeners' mushroom,' this kit is a fantastic way to delve deeper into the process of mushroom cultivation, going beyond what standard kits offer, and all without the need for specialized equipment. Includes a 5mL Wine Cap mushroom culture, instructions, a glossary of terms, and a fungi-themed word search for a bit of fun. The instructions detail two methods of cultivation - in a bucket of straw or in an outdoor garden bed. The provided culture is sufficient to experiment with both methods. Wine Cap mushrooms are known for their large size and earthy, nutty, potato-like flavor that is a hit with mushroom lovers. They are versatile choice for home cultivation and will often continue growing in outdoor mushroom beds year after year. Watching them grow is a fascinating process, and cooking with your own homegrown mushrooms is a delight.

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