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Wine Chips - Dry Aged Ribeye

Indulge in the ultimate epicurean delight with our extraordinary break-thru flavor, Dry Aged Ribeye. A remarkable creation, Dry Aged Ribeye was meticulously crafted by our team of Master Sommeliers and Batch Masters to elevate your wine pairing experience to new heights. Drawing inspiration from the timeless allure of a perfectly cooked steak, we crafted a lattice-cut, artisan chip that redefines the boundaries of charcuterie. Embrace the essence of an iconic meat flavor that harmonizes flawlessly with red wine, as our Dry Aged Ribeye Wine Chips take you on a gastronomic journey that mirrors the experience of savoring a succulent ribeye alongside your favorite glass of red.

Breaking culinary barriers, we've infused this remarkable chip with garlic, pepper, and char, expertly capturing the notes of a classic steakhouse dinner. The result? A truly breathtaking parallel to the flavors of real steak, ensuring that each bite of Dry Aged Ribeye pairs seamlessly with almost any red wine varietal.

Further, in a delightful surprise, our Dry Aged Ribeye Wine Chips could be an exceptional treat for vegans and vegetarians, as they contain no actual meat. Elevate your wine tasting experience with a chip that dares to defy conventions, inviting you to revel in the extraordinary fusion of wine, Wine Chips, and the rich essence of a perfectly seasoned ribeye.

Wine Pairing: Pair Dry Aged Ribeye with Red Wines. Each tube of 3oz Dry Aged Ribeye Wine Chips are intended for a bottle of wine.

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