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Wine Chips - Black Lava Jalapeno

Discover the new rage.  Potato chips that are seasoned and flavored to pair perfectly with your favorite wine. 

These gourmet lattice-cut potato chips are bold, cheesy and satisfying - and a bit elegant.   Made in small batches waffle, these snacks are crunchy, with the perfect amount of salty savoriness.

At the heart of the Black Lava Jalapeño Wine Chips lies a secret from the Yucatan Peninsula of Eastern Mexico – handpicked Jalapeños dried at the peak of freshness. These fiery gems infuse the chips with a spice that is both bold and balanced. But the uniqueness of this flavor doesn't stop there. The chips are adorned with black sea salt, a natural wonder hailing from the Pacific. Sun-dried ocean salts blended with activated charcoal create a visually striking chip with a subtle earthy taste, perfectly harmonizing with the zesty Jalapeño.

When it comes to pairing, the possibilities are as diverse as they are exciting. These Black Lava Jalapeño Wine Chips are a natural match for sparkling delights like champagne, where the effervescence cuts through the spice and enhances the flavors. For those who prefer a touch of sweetness, riesling provides a nice contrast, complementing the heat of the jalapeño with its fruity notes. And let's not forget about the reds! The elegant pinot noir adds an earthy complexity that melds beautifully with the Black Lava Jalapeño, resulting in a truly memorable experience.

But here's a suggestion that truly elevates the taste journey: sip on a delicious margarita or any top-shelf tequila cocktail alongside these chips. The interplay of flavors is extraordinary as the tequila's agave notes along with the citrusy kick of the margarita cut through the heat of the Jalapeño, leaving your palate utterly satisfied.

With Wine Chips' Black Lava Jalapeño, your taste buds are in for an adventure. Experience the fusion of flavors from the Yucatan Peninsula and the Pacific as you savor these delightful artisan chips, designed to perfectly complement your favorite wines and spirits. Whether you're hosting a gathering, enjoying a quiet evening, or simply seeking to elevate your wine-tasting experience, these chips are the embodiment of the art of pairing, showcasing the harmonious dance between spice and sophistication.

Wine Pairing: Pair Black Lava Jalapeño with a ChampagnePinot NoirSparkling Wine, Margarita, or pretty much any tequila! Each tube of 3oz Black Lava Jalapeño Wine Chips are intended for a bottle of wine.

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