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Wine Chips - Spicy Calabrese

At the center of the Wine Chips vision is the cheese board. But alongside that iconic wine pairing we have always sought out the ideal complementary charcuterie flavors that would take the vision to the next level.

Spicy Calabrese is a delicious Wine Chip that offers those special flavor notes that you would expect to discover on a delicious charcuterie board: a tanginess, saltiness, meatiness, and spiciness that will conjure up the sensation of pairing your wine with gourmet charcuterie while relaxing at a sidewalk cafe.

Wine Pairing: Zinfandel grape is closely related to Primitivo, which is primarily grown in Southern Italy. These cousins are loaded with jammy fruit and peppery spice. More broadly, the traditional flavors of spicy Italian charcuterie are amplified by almost any rich red wines.  Each tube of 3oz Spicy Calabrese Wine Chips are intended for a bottle of wine.

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