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Pomegranate-Quince White Balsamic Vinegar

This brilliant ruby-toned white balsamic, aged for up to 12 years in Modena, Italy, carries the tart, crisp flavor of California Pomegranates and floral winter Quince. 

Chef-Recommended Pairings: Lemon Fused Olive Oil, Basil Infused Olive Oil, Wild Rosemary Fused Olive Oil, Chipotle Infused Olive Oil

Grass grown over paved marble is soft beneath your feet as you walk towards the glowing white pillars, now the last skeletal remains of the temple of Aphrodite, high on a Grecian hill. Listening, you can still hear the swish of the skirts as women make their way to the temple at its height, praying for love. Quince, the sacred emblem of Aphrodite, and pomegranates, the romantic downfall of the wife of Hades, are carried in baskets to the altar and left as offerings, the remnants of their sweet scent lingering in the air, palpable even thousands of years later.  Pomegranate and quince, two of the most treasured fruits of the ancient Greeks, appear in legends as old as time, and bring their ancient romance to this crisp balsamic, carrying their characteristic tartness (for love is, as we all know, both sweet and sour) into any dish.

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