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Lemon Twist INFUSED Sea Salt

This salt captures the classic combination of fresh lemon & salt, a tartly delicious variety infused with juicy lemons for a well-balanced & refreshing twist. Crafted with only natural flake sea salt and real lemons, this all-natural seasoning is an essential addition to your spice rack.   

Great using our proprietary Fusion process, creating its signature zesty flavor using only natural flake sea salt and real lemons. An essential choice for grocery seafood counters and spice aisles, this popular variety is a natural match with seafood, chicken, asparagus and more.

Approximate Net Weight:

Tube:        0.6 ounce   $5.95

Small Jar:  2.0 ounce   $9.95

Large Jar:  3.0 ounce   $16.95

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