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Smoked Flake Salt

Golden brown pyramid shaped sea salt flakes burst with an intense smoke flavor and scent.  These flakes don't dissolve as fast as ordinary table salt so you will experience a pleasant smokiness each time a flake hits your tongye. 

Add Falksalt Smoked finishing salt to sauces, vegetables and steaks whenever you want a subtle, gentle smoked flavor.

  • PREMIUM SEA SALT FLAKES- A genuine, handcrafted product from the pristine waters of the Mediterranean Sea along the coast of Cyprus. Our pyramid flake salt has a dry, crunchy texture with a light, pure and clean taste that will certainly enhance your next dish.
  • COMMITTED TO QUALITY- Our beautiful salt flakes have over 80 minerals. Falksalt is Organic, Halal and Kosher certified. Our flakes have the highest industry standard quality controls.
  • TRADITION- Since 1830, Falksalt has been using the same traditional artisan methods to produce the best salt you can get. Our master salt makers are the most experienced in the industry which results in superior quality and taste.

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