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Forest Farro Meal Kit

Try this beautiful mix of farro, California Porcini, onions, vegetables, shiitakes, garlic & herbs. Abundant mushroom flavor with the toasty goodness of farro make this a deep, rich, robust dish.  The nutty richness of this ancient grain combined with wild porcini and organic shiitake mushrooms make our Good Food Awards 2021 Grains Finalist Forest Farro a healthy comfort food of the highest order.

Our versatile creation becomes a remarkable risotto, a complex side dish, or a very hearty soup.  Comes in a 10 oz. reclosable container.

Cooking Instructions for Forest Farro Side Dish:

2 cups            Wine Forest Forest Farro

4½ cups          Sstock (chicken, vegetable or beef)

1 tsp                Salt (adjust to your stock choice)

1 Tbsp             Butter

Combine the Forest Farro, the stock and salt in a large pan over medium heat and cook for 30 minutes.



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