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Porcini Polenta Meal Kit

This luscious, savory porcini polenta marries well with everything from roasted meats to grilled vegetables. Enjoy it topped with your favorite pasta sauce.   Easy Meal solution for busy nights.

Stove top Instructions:

4 cups     water or broth

1½ tsp    salt

1 cup       Wine Forest Porcini Polenta

½ cup      Grated parmesan (optional)

2 TBSP     Butter (optional)

To Taste    ground black pepper

Garnish     Chopped parsley

In a heavy saucepan boil 4 cups of water and the1½ teaspoons salt. While whisking, slowly pour in 1 cup polenta. Bring to boil again, put lid on slightly ajar and turn heat down to a simmer.



10 oz reclosable container

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